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Looking for a status update on a case recently filed using My Florida Eviction related services? Start by looking in the online update section provided below or stay informed with automated updates by e-mail or phone. If you have processed your own eviction filing and/or have a county case number as provided to you from the court system; you can check your case status by entering the unique case number assigned by the county where your case has been filed, using the county civil case search tool located, here. If you need assistance with locating your case number or case status, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are delighted to be of service. Otherwise, here are a few convenient methods for receiving progress updates regarding your recent eviction.

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Send a request to My Florida Eviction, here; and sign up for automatic case status updates via e-mail. Want to get an instant email notification when a particular job is complete? Simply ask; and you shall receive!

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When you create an account with My Florida Eviction, you can also sign up to receive a SMS text messages notifying you when a case status update has occurred. (U.S. cell phone number is required.)


Cases Filed Using My Florida Eviction Services

If you have an active filing service with us you can easily stay informed by checking the status of your Florida eviction online at anytime from our web site! Case progress is updated on our website daily; Monday through Friday.

* Our customers privacy is important to us; therefore only the address numbers attributable to your property and the first and last name initials of the Plaintiff in the action for eviction will be used on our website to identify each users case status update. Please refer list below to identify your specific case details.

Filed from January 10, through March 14, 2014.



* New updates and status information will be published on our website within 24hrs of being made available by the court system.

Additional Resources

You can also look up frequently asked questions and answers regarding your eviction in our FAQ section, here. My Florida Eviction even offers a toll-free customer support line and a variety of premium landlord resources exclusively for customers.

If you have any questions regarding the following information, you may contact

Call our customer support team at: 888-945-8202. Follow the voice prompts and have your case number or case details ready.


Follow-Up Services

  • >> Lock Change Services: Always give new tenants the assurance that the locks on their home have been changed since the last tenants vacated. It is imperative that the previous tenants, or their friends and relatives, no longer have access to the property. We can assist with the securing and preservation of your property; once the Florida eviction process is complete and the tenant has vacated the property!

    >> Inspect Your Property: My Florida Eviction can provide detailed property inspections and will also give you advice on what you need to do to get your investment rental property in the best shape to attract more potential renters.

    >> Clean Your Property: We can even assist you with cleaning and preparing your property for your next tenant/buyer; we realize how important it is to preserve your investment and re-market your property as soon as possible to keep your rental cash flow positive!

    >> Contractor/Handy-Man Quote: Receive estimates and quotes from a local contractor or handy-man through My Florida Eviction's local vendor network. Knowledgeable and professional rated tradesmen and service-providers are waiting to assist you in all areas of expertise. You will find expert tradesmen specialized in everything from A to Z. Estimates are always free! - No job is to big or small.

    List Your Property for Rent: My Florida Eviction works with a several qualified Real Estate Agents and Residential Property Managers with the skills necessary to expedite vacancy fulfillment with the since of urgency expected, and will market your rental property across all available channels (direct mail, websites, social media, etc.) We provide affordable, Flat-Fee MLS Listings, Handle All Public Inquiries, Pre-Screen and Qualify Potential Tenants, and Schedule All Showings (including nights and weekends).

Investment Property Management Services


Consult With A Property Manager Today! - Learn More

My Florida Eviction provides reliable support for all aspects of Property Management; from Vacancy Fulfillment, to Tenant Screening, Lease Preparation and Renewals, to Bill Payment, Maintenance/Repairs, Rent Collection, Delinquency Management and More!. 24/7 availability to relieve landlord/owners of the day-today management duties attributable to owning an investment property. Our property management team will allow you to receive a maximum return on your investment!

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