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Professional Assisted Eviction Solutions


My Florida Eviction™ can help you save time and money when you need legal documents to file your eviction. Property owners can expedite their own eviction documents online or over the phone in the comfort of their home or office! We offer landlords affordable eviction related services in all Florida counties!

Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Eviction Service Form sf, we promptly prepare all documents needed to file for eviction. In addition to our affordable do-it-yourself (DIY), and full-service eviction related document packages and services, every new customer can take advantage of the variety of eviction related essentials, including pre-eviction and post-eviction related resources, services, and web-based products.


Affordable Document Preparation and Court Filing Services

Professional assisted eviction solution and local filing assistance using My Florida Eviction™ services; only $599.00*

* Even if you do not reside in Florida, you can start and complete your eviction using My Florida Eviction™ services!

* Service pairs you with a dedicated eviction specialist and provides you with real-time progress updates via email!

* Service includes premium access to all My Florida Eviction™ post-eviction resources; i.e., property cleaning, rental advertising, and tenant screening services!

(total cost associated with the service illustrated below)

. Service Description / Fee Type


My Florida Eviction™ - Professional Assisted Eviction Solution


County Court Filing Fee

Vary by Case Type/County

Court Summons Issuance Fee


Service of Process Fee


Motion for Default Fee


Eviction Judgment Fee


Money Judgment Fee


Stipulation Agreement/Order Fee


Expedite Case Fee


Tenant Removal Request Fee


Total Cost / Expense


* Plus County Court Cost: Customer will be billed TWO (2) Separate Charges; First Charge, will be for "Assisted Eviction Service" and payable to: DOCUMENTS PLUS INC, by check draft authorization, and a Second Charge will be for "Court Cost", and payable to: FL COURTS, i.e., "EPORTAL FILING or efiling", by check draft authorization, and at the specific county rate attributed to the case type selected by customer. Note: If "Money Judgment Option" is included with eviction, the claim value of judgment sought may determine a different filing fee that may exceed routine filing fees. The statutory convenience fee for payments made via electronic check (direct debit from a bank account) is $5.00. Debit block services protect your bank accounts from unauthorized electronic charges. Check with your bank before setting up a debit payment. If you have a debit block on your bank account, you must provide this information to your bank so it can process your payment: "1900626822 EPORTAL FILING". If you don't provide this information, your bank could reject the payment causing return fees.These are county specific fees set by the County Clerk of Court/Comptroller for each county and a direct reflection of fees incurred by the court. Please refer to your statement for all "Court Costs" incurred as second charge on your account. To review your account details please contact Customer Support at: 888-945-8202.


Payment Options

Once you complete and return the Florida Eviction Service Form sf, we will quickly expedite your documents and file your eviction with the court. You will not be required to visit the property or leave your own home or office! To receive more information about our products or services please call today 888-945-8202 Services available in most Florida counties with local agent support.

Pay with Check or Check-Draft: We accept personal/business checks or check-draft authorizations only. We will apply payments by check to the account indicated as soon as we receive it. For information on how to pay, please read our FAQ section regarding How do I make a payment?

* Please make the check or check-draft authorization payable to "Documents Plus, Inc" and return along with your executed service documents via postal mail to the address indicated for return mail on your service invoice.

* Checks must be in U.S. Dollars and drawn from a U.S. Bank.

* Price listed above does not include preparation and delivery of a Florida Eviction Notice; however, you may download a blank copy of a statutory eviction notice at no cost below, or you may elect to use My Florida Eviction™ services to prepare and serve an eviction notice for a nominal fee of only $99.00. -- Please contact us today for details, here.

* Price listed above does not include statutory filing fees/court cost assessed by county clerk of court to initiate case. Court cost are nominal and range from $185.00 to $410.00 depending on case type/county and the value of claim, if applicable. -- Please contact us today for details, here.

* Price listed above does not include the execution of a writ of possession where a local sheriff deputy provides the service of conducting a formal walk-through of the subject property with the landlord/agent for the purpose of enforcing a judgment for tenant removal; however, this service is available upon request. -- Please contact us today for details, here.


Serve Your Eviction Notice Today!

My Florida Eviction™ Eviction Notice Preparation and Service to Your Tenant $99.00

Complete and serve your own Florida Eviction Notice!

* Information on how to prepare and serve your Florida Eviction Notice is available, here.


* To request eviction notice services, please complete our Florida Eviction Service Form sf.

For more information regarding the steps involved, or to get started with your eviction today; click the learn more button below.


Preserve Your Investment


My Florida Eviction Understands Your Sense of Urgency!

My Florida Eviction™ will get you back on track with re-establishing your rental income and also help you qualify more reliable renters. We follow through after the Florida eviction process, from the moment the eviction is complete and the bad tenant is removed to; changing locks, disposing of abandoned belongings, property clean-ups, and securing the property for your new tenant(s). We even provide tenant research services to help you qualify prospective tenants.

* Legal Notice:
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