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My Florida Eviction™ is designed to offer self-represented landlords convenient access to professional legal document preparation services, self-help legal information, and Florida eviction related resources; including dedicated local judicial support related services and property management based products essential to quickly expediting your Florida eviction.

Fast, Simple, and Cost Effective Eviction Related Services -- We offer local vendor support and many other value-added services to our customers. Professional legal document preparation services are available to assist Florida landlords with all aspects of eviction and rental property management. Please review the three easy steps outlined below to get connected with a local eviction agent and start your eviction today using My Florida Eviction™ services! --- We can help you protect your investment; contact an agent, here.


Instructions for Starting Your Eviction
(Three Easy Steps)

My Florida Eviction™ is an independent, low-cost non-attorney service;
offering quality document preparation services in a fast, convenient, and cost effective manner!


Prepare and Serve Your Eviction Notice
Obtain a FREE Statutory Florida Eviction Notice, here;

Complete The Eviction Service Form
Fill out the Florida Eviction Service Form, here;

Contact My Florida Eviction
Submit the completed form and attachment(s) to: 813.436.3389, or:

Once we have your information, the completed eviction documents will be sent to you to proof, sign, and return the same day as ordered!


  1. What Documents Are Included?
    Complete Eviction Document Package

    Eviction Package Includes The Following Documents;

    • * Cover Letter Page Identifying Contents and Signing Instructions
    • * Eviction Flowchart Diagram; Outlining the Eviction Process
    • * Summons, including French/Spanish Translation (required in some counties)
    • * Civil Cover Sheet
    • * Complaint for Eviction
    • * Stipulated Settlement Agreement
    • * Order to Approve Settlement Agreement
    • * Affidavit or Default for Non-Payment
    • * Affidavit as to Money Owed
    • * Affidavit as to Non-Military Service
    • * Motions for Default
    • * Motion for Final Judgment for Possession
    • * Final Judgment for Possession (Court order to remove tenant)
    • * Writ of Possession (for Sheriff to remove tenant)
    • * Final Disposition Form

  2. What Happens After Documents Are Completed?
    Follow Up and Conclude Your Eviction

  3. Case Status Updates, Prompt Document Filing, and More!
    Upon filing your eviction for you with the court, My Florida Eviction will keep you informed of updates or docket changes as they occur until conclusion of the eviction. When a Judgment for Possession is awarded to you by the court, My Florida Eviction will assist you in scheduling an appointment with the local sheriff to return possession of your property.

    * Check Case Status Online, here.

* Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.


    • Florida Eviction Process Flow Chart
      Understand Your Case Progress

      Residential Tenant Eviction Process for Non-Payment of Rent:



Additional Florida Eviction Process Information
The rules a landlord must follow come from the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure for evicting a delinquent tenant. A landlord cannot simply proceed with removing a delinquent; (non paying) tenant, without first obtaining a Judgment for Possession from the court. It is illegal in the state of Florida to change locks or to remove the tenant's property from the premises without first obtaining a Judgment for Possession.

Before you file formal suit to evict, you must first serve the tenant with adequate notice. The notice must follow the statutory form and must be served in person by the landlord, landlord's agent, deputy sheriff, or a Florida licensed process server. It can also be sent via Certified Mail; Return Receipt or Overnight Mail. Regardless of how you serve the eviction notice, retain proof of service.

Upon filing for eviction a Complaint and Summons must be served by the Sheriff's office or by an authorized process server. The tenant will be afforded a chance to answer and defend the complaint. The court may hear the case and issue a Final Judgment. If the landlord wins, the landlord must take the judgment and a Writ of Possession to the local Sheriff's office for enforcement.

(Note: The local sheriff's office may require additional cost and fees for enforcing the Court Order for Tenant Removal.)

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Eviction Related Services and Support

Professional Assisted Eviction Solutions

  • From the initial eviction notice served to your tenant, to preparing all documents needed to file your eviction with the courts and obtaining a Final Judgment for Eviction; My Florida Eviction can provide the assistance and resources you need to get the job done!


Landlord Resources and Information

  • My Florida Eviction provides customers with a vast knowledge base of information and essential resources to aid Florida landlords in navigating the eviction process. Access common landlord/tenant documents, important legal information, educational materials, and more!


Tenant Research and Investigation Services

  • My Florida Eviction provides Florida landlord's access to low-cost tenant screening and criminal background checks on people anywhere in the US. Verify prospective tenants nation-wide for greater peace of mind.


Affordable Legal Document Preparation Services

  • Complete eviction documents as low as $50.00 to only $159.97 depending on the type of service required, some with "no court hearing required"! Call us today at 888.945.8202, to discuss your Florida Eviction Service needs. Accepting Visa Master Card and American Express.