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Florida Eviction Services


My Florida Eviction™ is an independent, non-attorney service dedicated to providing individual landlords and real estate industry professionals with affordable eviction related services in the State of Florida. Self-represented landlords can use this website to take advantage of eviction related document packages, web-based eviction resources, and local eviction related support services designed to assist landlords with Florida evictions.

Florida eviction related documents and services can be expedited via our website to quickly issue statutory eviction notices and file for eviction regarding Non-Payment of Rent, Eviction for Non-Compliance of the Lease, Eviction for Month-to-Month Tenant, Eviction for Lease Term Expiration; in addition to professional assistance for Florida landlords using My Florida Evictionrelated services; document packages, resources, and web-based services made available to customers online 24/7!

We provide fast and effective service on any Florida Eviction Notice sf, in addition to urgent document preparation, local court courier service, and other affordable eviction related services essential to Florida landlords, state-wide!

My Florida Eviction™ can help you save time and money when you need documents quickly prepared to start your eviction in Florida and file your case with the court. Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Eviction Service Form sf, we promptly prepare all documents needed to file for eviction in any Florida county.


Florida Eviction Online!

Complete Your Eviction from Home!* Fast and easy Florida eviction services online! - We file all required paperwork and manage the eviction process for you!

My Florida Eviction is a full-service document service; offering low-cost non-attorney eviction related solutions to Florida's self-represented Landlords.

How Does Our Process Work?
We use the information that you provide to us via the web site or via fax on a completed Florida Eviction Service Form sf to quickly produce your document package and file your eviction with the court.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?
All documents are completed within 24 hours of receipt of order! You never have to leave your home or office, or search for parking at the court house.

Expedited Service of Process!
Upon filing with the court; we will coordinate the prompt delivery of court notices to your tenant(s) by one of our dedicated local process serving agents within our local Florida Process Server network.

Weekly Progress Updates!
We monitor the progress of your case and timely file all forms and documents as required pursuant to The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and local Clerk of Court. - Weekly progress updates provided vie email!

* Please Note: Eviction Online; service only applies to uncontested evictions for non-payment of rent. Should any pleadings be filed by the tenants to contest the eviction, the case may then require a court hearing. If a hearing is required, property owner must attend or hire an attorney for such court appearances.

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Legal Document Preparation - My Florida Eviction™ is designed to help landlords save time and money when preparing Florida eviction documents.

Free Eviction Forms - My Florida Eviction™ provides free eviction notice/forms online as a convenient download service to Florida landlords to quickly retrieve statutory notices used in the Florida eviction process. You may use any of the forms provided on this page for download at any time free of charge.

- Click on any Florida eviction notice below to download the desired document. Then simply complete the form with your information, sign your name, and deliver the eviction notice to your tenant. Be sure to retain a copy of the eviction notice as served, for your own personal records!


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* Please Note: Forms provided are not a substitute for legal advice. By downloading any document published by My Florida Eviction ™, you indicate that you understand and agree to our Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.